Automated Canary Analysis Featured in Spinnaker Summit 2017

250+ Spinnaker community members recently attended the 1st Spinnaker Summit at the Netflix campus in Los Gatos.   Enthusiasm for Spinnaker is high as enterprises look to achieve continuous delivery with safety across multiple clouds.   Users from Netflix, Schibsted, Cloudera, Under Armour,  Capital One, Cisco, Gogo Air, Target,  Scopely, and Cerner shared their use cases and best practices for running Spinnaker in production.

Andy Glover from Netflix started off the event encouraging the community to leverage the Spinnaker for more than as a multi-cloud deployment tool.  One of the key strategies he asked the enterprises to consider is Automated Canary Analysis (ACA)  to achieve safety for their continuous deployment.  Sure enough, a lot of time in the summit was dedicated to discussing the benefits of ACA  and its real-world use cases.  ACA allows for a reliable, less error-prone and safe continuous deployment.

In this blog, I have captured three separate sessions that one should watch to understand ACA for your application deployments better.   If you are interested in evaluating ACA,  please email us at and we will glad to provide you guidance and offer a pilot of our OpsMx ACA platform

1:  Canary Analysis at Netflix

2.  Automated Canary Analysis Panel with participation from OpsMx, Google, Netflix, and Armory.

3:  Kayenta: Automated Canary Analysis from Google & Netflix

If you are interested in watching all the summit sessions, check out the complete playlist.


Spinnaker MeetUp Video – Essence of and Safety for Continuous Delivery

Total solar eclipse was obviously the biggest news on 8/21/17 but in the Spinnaker world,  the day marked the first meetup for South Bay Spinnaker Meetup at the Netflix campus.

We had 50+ people show up including operators from Cloudera, Cisco, Symantec, etc. which was a great start for our first meetup.

We had two great presentations on the day. In case you missed the event, here are the videos of the talks.

1.  Essence of Continuous Delivery

Andy Glover – Manager, Netflix Engineering Team – Spinnaker Creators

2.  Safety for Continuous Delivery

Gopal Dommety, CEO, OpsMx

For more information about OpsMx solution, check out

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Exciting Spinnaker Meetup on August 21st at NetFlix

If you are an existing Spinnaker user or someone looking to enable Continuous Delivery (CD) in your organization,  don’t miss out on an exciting meetup event happening on August 21st at the Netflix campus in Los Gatos, CA.

We have the Spinnaker founding team and “Father of Spinnaker” – Andy Glover of Netflix Engineering team presenting on the topic of Essence of Continuous Delivery.

If that’s not enough of a motivation, we also have session discussing use cases of Automated Canary Analysis (ACA) for Spinnaker.  As you may recall Canary/ACA stages were introduced recently in Spinnaker 1.1 release.  You may also be interested in our pilot of our automated canary judge.

More information about the meetup can be found here:

Essense of Continuous Deliver/Automated Canary Analysis Use Cases

If you can’t make it on the day, don’t fear we will record it and post it.   If you want to get notified of future events from the Meetup group, make sure to join the group.   We hope to schedule more events in the upcoming months and if you interested in being a speaker, drop a note to


Participate in Pilot of Automated Canary Analysis Platform

OpsMx is looking for Spinnaker deployers interested in implementing automated deployment analysis for Canary/Red-Black deployments.  We are looking for high touch pilot engagement with you to help us design our product and in return, you will get to use our product at no cost during the pilot.

Automated Red/Black Analysis in Spinnaker Pipeline

For more information about the benefits and features of our automated release analysis for Spinnaker,  check out the following blog.

Improve Release Safety and Diagnostics Through Automated Canary Analysis for Spinnaker

The pilot is a full-featured SaaS offer of our platform for an unlimited number of pipelines in Spinnaker.  If you are interested in learning more or starting the pilot, submit the form below or e-mail us at and we will get you started.


Validate Software Releases Through Application Behavior Analysis


Enterprises are moving to DevOps model and also adopting agile software development methodologies to accelerate the software deliveries.  As the velocity of software development increases,  the need to speed up the testing and validation also arises.  Enterprises usually do some combination of the following to validate new releases –  functional testing, integration testing,  end-to-end system testing,  user acceptance testing, accessibility testing, load or stress testing, security test and staging environment validation. Another need of these organizations is to find the issues earlier in the testing  cycle as the cost of finding issues later or in production is much higher (Figure 1)

Cost Rises Exponentially if Defects Found in Later Stages of Testing
Figure 1: Cost Rises Exponentially for Defects Found in Later Stages/Production

In this blog, we will look at ways enterprises can leverage automatic in-depth application behavioral based analysis to validate releases quicker, find defects early and spend less time diagnosing the issues.

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Safer Rolling Update for Docker Applications with Kubernetes


Docker containers have enabled applications to be developed and deployed faster due to its superior portability between development and production environment and across multiple clouds. Enterprises have started adopting Docker with microservices architecture for their new applications. One of the emerging requirements apparent among these early adopters is the need to seamlessly update versions of the microservices in production.  To address this need, container orchestration systems like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos, and Nomad has introduced support for rolling updates.  In a rolling update (Figure 1), applications are updated with zero downtime by incrementally updating pods/container instances with the new version.

Figure 1: Kubernetes Rolling Update (Source:

In this blog, we will discuss how to achieve safer rolling update of Docker applications in a Kubernetes environment through automated in-depth analysis of the microservices updates. Continue reading “Safer Rolling Update for Docker Applications with Kubernetes”

Improve Release Safety and Diagnostics Through Automated Canary Analysis for Spinnaker


Spinnaker is a continuous delivery platform that is pioneering the ability to release software faster. It is allowing thousands of enterprises to achieve release velocity never seen before.  The key to increasing the velocity is to have the ability to determine with confidence that the new release can be promoted across different testing stages and eventually to production through Canary or Red/Black (aka blue-green) or Rolling update.  

Leading enterprises (like Netflix which deploys more than 4000 updates a day), has proprietary decision engine to allow them to promote builds to production with confidence.  However, most enterprises still are dependent on manual analysis and judgments to promote builds.  Manual judgment is error prone as decisions are based on incomplete analysis and are time-consuming as the analysis are laborious.  Bad builds in production introduce significant risks due to business disruptions and brand damage.

OpsMx is a real-time analytics platform for CI/CD pipelines that is designed to aid manual decision in promoting build across test and deployment to production. The OpsMx solution helps in reduce error and diagnostics time through complete, consistent real-time automated analysis for Spinnaker. Continue reading “Improve Release Safety and Diagnostics Through Automated Canary Analysis for Spinnaker”

How to Set Up Automated Release Analysis in Spinnaker Deployments

Spinnaker, a continuous delivery platform is becoming popular among software deployment teams with its superior ability to orchestrate software delivery faster, safer and across multiple clouds. With the 1.1 release, Spinnaker has introduced the ability to do even safer release deployment with the Canary deploy option (using the canary feature flag). Before this release, Red/Black deployment offered safer deployment with the ability to rollback to the prior release, if the new release had issues.  Rolling Red/Black is also planned for a future release in Spinnaker. It is critical to enable automated canary analysis for the deployments to truly benefit from these safe deployment strategies.

In this blog, we will review how to set up automated analysis for Canary and Red/Black deployment strategies instead of manual judgment or verification.

Safe Deployment Options with Spinnaker
Safe Deployment Options with Spinnaker

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Spinnaker 1.1 Enables Canary/ACA Stage for Safe Deployments

Exciting news today for all CI/CD enthusiasts. Spinnaker project reached the 1.0 milestone.

Spinnaker is a continuous delivery platform that is pioneering the ability to release software faster. It is allowing thousands of enterprises to achieve release velocity never seen before. The key to increasing the software velocity is to determine with confidence that the new version can be deployed to production through safe deployments models such as Canary or Red/Black (aka blue-green).

With the 1.1 release, Spinnaker has enabled Canary and ACA task stage as a core feature. Before this release, one has to enable Canary and ACA task stage using netflixMode flag in the Spinnaker settings file. Continue reading “Spinnaker 1.1 Enables Canary/ACA Stage for Safe Deployments”